At Jorden Elizabeth Tailoring we do both Mens and Womens Tailoring.


Everything we make is totally unique to each individual customer, and a lot of woman hours go into each garment to ensure the exact design requirements and the perfect fit.

With a vast array of designs and linings and even more fabrics to choose from, the choices are endless.

 Made to Measure Starting Price: 


Suit- £850

Suit and 2 pairs £1000

Three Piece Suit £960

Jacket- £630

Trousers- £300

Skirt- £220


Overcoat- £730

Morning Coat- £750

Dress coat- £780

Two Piece Dress coat- £980

5 Pockets/ Chinos- £200**

Shorts- £170

Shift Dress- £400

shirts/blouse- £150* 

**Price drops to £170 when purchased with a suit order

* price drops to £120 when 4 or more are purchased at once or when purchased with a suit or jacket order.

 Please note the final price will be determined by the chosen cloth, any surcharges will be advised during the consultation

For fully handmade bespoke pricing please call or  email for enquiries

50% deposit will be required at time of order, and the remaining 50% on collection. PLEASE NOTE orders will not be started until the initial 50% deposit has been taken.